[TAGUIG CITY, 20 May 2024] — MDI Novare recently concluded Fit Factor Year 2: Buddy Edition, a program designed to promote holistic health and wellness among employees. This year’s edition brought together seven tandems from various departments, each committed to improving their health with the support of partners PhilCare, MindNation, Aventus, and Slimmers World.

Fit Factor Year 2: Buddy Edition was more than just a weight loss challenge. Teams were evaluated based on their commitment, dedication, and consistency, as well as their overall weight loss achievements. Each participant’s ultimate challenger was themselves, striving to enhance their health and well-being.

The culminating activity was a celebration of all participants. Each tandem was recognized for their incredible determination and effort, with special awards given to the top three teams. The champion team received Php 40,000, the 1st runner-up team received Php 20,000, and the 2nd runner-up team received Php 10,000. These generous prizes were made possible through the support of MDI Novare and its partners.

“The journey doesn’t end here. It’s about making lasting changes and continuing to prioritize your health,” said Victor Silvino, CEO of MDI Novare, during the event. HR Director for People and Culture, Ivan Garong and Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Analytics Officer, Jericho Jensen, also congratulated the participants, emphasizing the importance of sustaining the lifestyle changes made during the program.

Arcelyn Madamba, Total Rewards and Employee Services Head at MDI Novare and the program lead, expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported the activity. “I’m hopeful that this is just the beginning. The challengers have shown great resilience and commitment, and I believe they can sustain the progress made during Fit Factor,” she said.

The support of partners PhilCare, MindNation, Aventus, and Slimmers World was crucial in making Fit Factor Year 2: Buddy Edition a comprehensive and rewarding experience for all participants. Their contributions helped create a holistic program that addressed various aspects of health and wellness.

As Fit Factor Year 2: Buddy Edition concludes, MDI Novare remains committed to supporting its employees in their wellness journey. The program has laid a strong foundation, and it is expected that employees will continue to build on these healthy habits in the future.

Watch highlights of the Fit Factor Year 2: Buddy Edition journey here: