Revolutionize Your Cloud Management Experience.

Novare CloudOps redefines how you manage your cloud infrastructure. Powered by AWS and supported by MDI Novare’s expertise, we enable businesses to optimize their operations and achieve unparalleled performance and availability. From everyday tasks to strategic planning, Novare CloudOps delivers a new standard of efficiency and reliability, empowering your organization to excel in the digital age.

Our managed services optimize your cloud infrastructure, letting you focus on core business goals.

Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring
Our team provides 24/7 proactive monitoring of your cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

VM and CSP-level Troubleshooting
We offer expert troubleshooting for virtual machines (VMs) and cloud service providers (CSPs), identifying and resolving issues swiftly to keep your operations running smoothly.

Incident and Problem Management
Our team is equipped to handle incidents and problems efficiently, minimizing their impact on your operations and ensuring a quick resolution.

Compute, Storage, Networking
With a focus on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we manage your computing, storage, and networking resources, optimizing them for performance and cost-efficiency.

Our Offerings

Ansible Automation Platform

Automate your infrastructure management tasks with Ansible, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.


VM and Hypersclaer-level Troubleshooting. Our Hyperscaler-Ops service offers comprehensive management of your cloud environment, including VM health monitoring, log analysis, snapshot management, access control, network maintenance, and firewall management.


Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring. Improve cost management and optimization with our FinOps service, which includes cost optimization, performance optimization, monthly utilization reporting, orphaned resource identification, and resource cleanup.


Operating System and Platform Support. Ensure the smooth operation of your operating systems and platforms with our SysOps service, including patch management, alerting and notifications, system health checks, configuration management, security compliance, and platform management.


Incident and Problem Management. Enhance your security posture with our SecOps service, which includes incident and problem management, incident identification, prioritization and categorization, incident investigation and diagnosis, incident resolution and recovery, problem management, incident closure, and credential audit.

Our offering provides the dual benefit of enhanced performance effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

By leveraging our expertise and economies of scale, clients can reduce operational costs associated with maintaining in-house cloud management teams.


Scale your cloud resources up or down seamlessly, adapting to changing business needs and market conditions.

Expert Support

Access our team of certified cloud professionals, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure you have access to the latest best practices and solutions.

Improved Security

Automated patching, hardening, and garbage collection improve your security posture, keeping your data safe from threats.

Let us help you transform your business.

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