Adapting to a Changing

Business Landscape

As the business landscape continues to change, the future workplace should be available, secured and resilient, delivering reliable access to cloud services and digitalizes workforce by providing virtual apps and desktops, collaboration tools, and enablement for user productivity and flexibility.

What is Intelligent EDGE?

Intelligent EDGE is a continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze data — close to the users, the data, or both.

Work Flexibility

When employees are given flexible work options whether working remotely or a schedule that suits them, they are likely to become more engaged and build loyalty to the company as it allows them to achieve work-life balance.


Centralized Management

Introduction of software-defined WAN approach in managing wide-area networks and their increasing demands can offer companies ease of deployment, central manageability, reduced costs, and improved connectivity to branch offices and the cloud.

Crisis Management

No one wants to think about what would happen if a disaster displaced your business. Preparing for the worst is never fun. It is, however, a critical step that displays the commitment to clients and customers, the company, and above all, to employees.

What We Do

Mobile Device Management. Centrally manage every mobile device, mobile app, and provide access to corporate apps and resources securely.

Network Management. Gain complete network visibility through a single pane of glass and monitor in real time the performance of all circuits using any connections for every site.

Digital Workplace. Times have changed and so as the way we work. Connect everyone in your organization using a secure and familiar mobile technology – chat, groups, posts.

Solution Toolkit for the Future Workplace

MDI offer solutions on ensuring that enterprises have a simplified and easy way to manage a network for users to remain productive and efficient while maintaining the necessary level of security and control on the access of corporate resources.


Simplifies the way enterprises configure their branches within the WAN, and to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of the WAN. Unlike traditional WANs, SD-WAN delivers increased network agility and cost reduction. Another benefit of SDWAN is that it allows reliable virtual networks to be created over less reliable network circuits.



Workspace ONE

Delivers and manages any application, anytime, anywhere, and on any device by integrating access controls, application virtualization, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management. It radically transforms traditional VDI with unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed, and scale with integration to security systems and ingest threat intelligence.



Features tools like groups, instant messaging, and news feed promoting diversity and employee feedback as it is designed to focus on individuals rather than organizations and making distributed workforce collaboration possible.



Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us more about Intelligent Edge.

Intelligent Edge is a new paradigm in bringing processing capabilities and data storage closer to the end user of data. Processes are moved to local places like a user’s computer, or an IoT device so fewer processes run in the cloud. It’s like decongesting the cloud and moving everything on its edge.

These devices and connected systems can gather and analyze data close to its user and data source instead of at the corporate network or cloud data centers.

What makes MDI the top choice for Intelligent Edge?

MDI Novare has proven its worth with its track record on providing unique and best solutions for different technologies. We can help manage your network devices, mobile devices and even manpower resources so your company can focus on your core business.

What solutions can you offer that can replace some of our existing workplace tools?

Existing MPLSc connection can be replaced with SDWAN which can be cost-effective and easier to manage. Using Viber, Whatsapp or any messaging platform can be replaced with Workplace by Facebook which is more secured and enterprise-grade.

What are the benefits of having/availing this solution set for our company?

Security, ease of management and reliability are priorities in any company. With the solutions that MDI offers, clients can be ensured that their data and resources are managed properly without compromise.


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