Your Gateway to Seamless Cloud Migration

Evaluate, Plan, and Execute Your Cloud Journey with Confidence

Embark on a successful cloud migration journey with Novare Cloud Assessment. Our comprehensive service ensures your business is ready to move to the cloud, with a clear understanding of the steps involved and the benefits you’ll gain.

Cloud Migration Journey


Kickstart your cloud migration with a rapid discovery process. We will provide a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) report through detailed briefings, workshops, and an immersive experience.


We will help you plan your migration with thorough discovery, business case development, and a detailed migration plan, and ensure security and compliance within a well-defined landing zone.


Seamlessly migrate, operate, and modernize your applications and infrastructure with our expert guidance and support.

Our Expertise at Your Service

Leverage our comprehensive cloud architecting services, guided by industry standards and frameworks. Our team of cloud architects, engineers, business analysts, and project managers ensures a smooth transition to the cloud.

We adhere to best practices and institutional knowledge, conducting rapid discovery sessions, Migration Readiness Assessments, briefings, workshops, TCO report generation, and application architecture mapping.

What You Can Expect

Accomplished Discovery Questionnaire

A detailed questionnaire to understand your current state and readiness.

Migration Readiness Assessment Report

An in-depth report assessing your readiness for cloud migration.

TCO Report

A comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership report to guide your financial planning.

Infrastructure / Architecture Diagrams

Detailed diagrams of your future cloud infrastructure.

Advisory Services

Expert advice throughout your cloud journey.

The Benefits of Our Cloud Assessment

Cloud Journey Understanding
Gain a clear roadmap for your cloud migration.

Risk Reduction
Mitigate risks with a well-planned migration strategy.

Cost Reduction
Identify opportunities for cost savings and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Clarified Business Strategy
Align your IT strategy with business goals.

IT-Business Alignment
Ensure seamless integration between IT and business operations.

Prepare your business for future technological advancements.

Let us help you transform your business.