[TAGUIG CITY, 29 January 2024] — In a strategic alliance, MDI Novare, a leader in technology solutions, and Huawei jointly orchestrated the MDI Novare Tech Day 2024. This event served as a catalyst, propelling their sales team into the forefront of technological innovation.

The day commenced with an illuminating introduction to Huawei, a global powerhouse in technology. Arnie Alvarez, CTO & IT Director, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, set the stage with insights into the company’s innovative solutions, establishing a foundation for an immersive exploration into the digital realm.

The agenda unfolded with sessions addressing critical topics such as innovation security, resilience, and secure data management. Attendees gained a profound understanding of fortifying sensitive information in an era of escalating cyber threats. Joshua Emmanuel Neric, Network Solution Sales Manager at Huawei Philippines Enterprise Department, then steered the conversation towards the indispensable role of intelligent networks in the ongoing digital transformation journey.

In a dynamic discussion on commercial and run-rate business strategies, MDI Novare’s sales team delved into effective approaches to SME digitalization. This segment provided practical insights, aligning MDI Novare’s solutions with the evolving demands of the SME market.

Intelligent collaboration emerged as a focal point, emphasizing the pivotal role of advanced collaboration tools and strategies. The session underscored the importance of adaptability and synergy in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The MDI Novare Tech Day 2024 also explored the concept of building the future with the next-generation intelligent campus. Charles Patacsil, Solutions Manager at Huawei, led a thought-provoking discussion on the components and strategies involved in shaping the campuses of tomorrow. The day culminated in a dynamic Q&A session, facilitating direct interaction between MDI Novare’s sales team and Huawei’s distinguished speakers.

The active participation of MDI Novare’s sales and product management teams, including Chief Customer Growth Officers Aileen Rodriguez (BFSI), Ryan Paguio (Commercial), and Peter Laud (Telco, Utilities, and Distribution), underscored the event’s significance. This collaborative effort between MDI Novare and Huawei not only empowered the sales team with valuable insights but also showcased a shared commitment to fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and driving digital excellence in the tech industry.

As technology continues its relentless evolution, events like the MDI Novare Tech Day play an integral role in ensuring that businesses remain agile, informed, and ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital era.

The Future is Ours
In closing, MDI Novare and Huawei affirm their dedication to shaping the future of technology.  Together, they stand at the vanguard of innovation, ready to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. The MDI Novare Tech Day 2024 has not only equipped the sales team with tools for success but has also solidified a partnership poised to lead the charge into an exciting era of technological advancement. 

The future is ours, and MDI Novare and Huawei are at the helm, steering toward an intelligent world full of possibilities!


About MDI Novare
Founded in 1988, MDI Novare is a pioneer and champion in the Philippine ICT market. Over the past three decades, MDI Novare has driven digital transformation through custom application development, infrastructure, data analytics, and IT security solutions that meet and exceed business demands. Today, MDI Novare continues its culture of innovation by being at the forefront of major technology trends such as APIs, cloud computing, big data, AI, and automation as we strive to create a positive impact for our people, our clients, our partners, and our communities.

About Huawei
Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.  Learn more at https://www.huawei.com/en/corporate-information


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