[TAGUIG CITY, 16 January 2024] — In a powerful demonstration of unwavering commitment, MDI Novare’s BFSI Sales Team recently convened for “RELENTLESS: The BFSI 2024 Kickoff & Commitment Ceremony,” an event inspired by the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Aileen Rodriguez, Chief Customer Growth Officer for BFSI, set the stage by unveiling the BFSI 2024 Strategy. Her vision emphasized the team’s pivotal role in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities. “Our commitment is the compass guiding us through uncharted territories. At MDI Novare, the future is ours to shape,” she declared.

Collaborative Excellence: Showcasing Updates & Shaping Opportunities

Throughout the morning, the BFSI Sales Leaders took the stage to present updates on their accounts, sharing insights, learnings, and their vision for key projects. The presentations not only reflected their commitment but also showcased the team’s passion for innovation.

In synergy with Solutions Consulting and Architecture and Product Management, the teams exchanged insights during the event, opening collaborative avenues for the team to explore new opportunities and upsell up-to-date strategies. 

The Commitment Ceremony: A Symbol of Relentless Dedication

In an inspiring display of commitment, our teams left their handprints on the commitment board symbolizing their promise to be RELENTLESS this 2024. Aileen Rodriguez led the ceremonial toast, celebrating individual achievements and the team’s collective strengths.

A Supportive Ecosystem in Motion

In the world of MDI Novare’s BFSI Sales Team, collaboration, grit, and the relentless pursuit of excellence guide the way. Together, they overcome challenges and seize opportunities, knowing that at MDI Novare, the future is undoubtedly theirs to conquer.

As MDI Novare’s BFSI Sales Team navigates industry complexities, the commitment ceremony reflects their unwavering support for one another, creating a robust ecosystem. In the spirit of RELENTLESSNESS, the team is not merely a group of individuals; they are driven by an uncompromising desire for results and an audacious belief in being the very best.


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