[TAGUIG CITY, 01 September] – MDI Novare announces its remarkable achievement at the highly anticipated HR Excellence Awards 2023. The event, held on September 1, 2023, at the Bonifacio Hall of Shangri-La The Fort, Manila, saw MDI Novare securing multiple wins in 5 important HR categories:

  1. Excellence in Workplace Culture (Gold)
  2. Excellence in HR Communications Strategy (Gold)
  3. Employer of the Year (Silver)
  4. Excellence in HR Talent Retention (Silver)
  5. Excellence In-House Talent Pipeline Strategy (Silver)

These remarkable wins underscore MDI Novare’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a thriving, inclusive, and innovative work environment. The company’s philosophy revolves around fostering a workforce that is not only skilled but also passionate, engaged, and deeply connected to the organization’s mission.

With its strong emphasis on employee well-being, professional growth, and community engagement, MDI Novare’s approach resonates with a diverse range of employees and stakeholders. The organization’s exceptional talent retention strategies, comprehensive talent pipeline initiatives, and effective human resource communications strategies have been instrumental in driving its continued success.

Reflecting on these momentous achievements, Ivan Garong, HR Director for Talent Retention at MDI Novare, expressed, “We are beyond thrilled to receive these awards, which recognize our ongoing commitment to cultivating a workplace that empowers and inspires our team members. These accolades are a testament to the collective efforts of the entire MDI Novare family, whose dedication and passion drive our pursuit of excellence.”

Pearl Sy, Head of Communications and Marketing at MDI Novare, also expressed her excitement about winning these awards, saying, “These wins validate our ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant workplace culture and transparent communication channels. They reinforce our belief that a dedicated team, innovative strategies, and a strong commitment to our employees and community are the cornerstones of our success at MDI Novare.”

As the company celebrates these well-deserved wins, the company remains resolute in its dedication to providing an exceptional workplace where employees can thrive, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to both the organization and the community at large.

Present at the awards ceremony are Dr.William Yu (Chief Technology Officer), Mai De Guzman (Chief Talent Build Officer), Ivan Garong (HR Director for Talent Retention), Pearl Sy (Head of Communications & Marketing), April Manzano (Talent Engagement & Advisory Head), and Arcelyn Madamba (Total Rewards & Employee Services Head).

The HR Excellence Awards 2023 have illuminated MDI Novare’s accomplishments and reaffirmed its position as a visionary leader in the realm of human resources. The organization extends its heartfelt gratitude to every member of the MDI Novare family for their invaluable contributions, hard work, and commitment to the company’s shared mission.


About MDI Novare
Founded in 1988, MDI Novare is a pioneer and champion in the Philippine ICT market. Over the past three decades, MDI Novare has driven digital transformation through custom application development, infrastructure, data analytics, and IT security solutions that meet and exceed business demands. Today, MDI Novare continues its culture of innovation by being at the forefront of major technology trends such as APIs, cloud computing, big data, AI, and automation as we strive to create a positive impact for our people, our clients, our partners, and our communities.

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