[MAKATI CITY, 22 September 2023] — In a world where the financial landscape is rapidly evolving, the role of thrift banks in steering economic recovery through digitalization has never been more critical. The recently held Chamber of Thrift Banks National Convention on September 22, 2023, at the prestigious Dusit Thani Hotel in Manila, Philippines, brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts under the theme “Thrift Banks 2023: Taking the Lead to Economic Recovery through Digitalization.”

One of the standout contributors to this event was MDI Novare. As a prominent player in the field of financial technology, MDI Novare’s involvement underscored its commitment to advancing the digital transformation of thrift banks and the broader financial sector.

The Vision: Thrift Banks Paving the Way to Economic Recovery in a Digital World
The convention provided a platform for thrift banks to explore innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies aimed at facilitating economic recovery in a post-pandemic world. With the overarching theme of digitalization, attendees delved into discussions about the profound impact of technology on the financial services sector.

Speakers and panelists shared insights into harnessing the power of digital tools, embracing FinTech collaborations, and adapting to evolving customer expectations. These conversations were instrumental in shaping the future of thrift banking and its pivotal role in economic recovery.

MDI Novare’s Sponsorship and Convention Presence
MDI Novare’s active participation in the convention was palpable. As a sponsor, they not only contributed to the success of the event but also seized the opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions and expertise in financial technology.

The company’s booth at the convention became a focal point of interest for attendees, where they provided live demonstrations of its cutting-edge products and engaged in meaningful discussions with bankers, policymakers, and industry influencers. MDI Novare’s presence underscored its commitment to supporting thrift banks in its digital journey.

Empowering Thrift Banks for the Digital Future
MDI Novare’s involvement in the Chamber of Thrift Banks National Convention reinforced its reputation as a catalyst for digital transformation in the financial sector. Through its sponsorship and active engagement, MDI Novare demonstrated its dedication to empowering thrift banks with the tools and knowledge needed to lead the way in economic recovery through digitalization.

The convention was not just a gathering of minds; it was a catalyst for change. It highlighted the collaborative efforts of the financial industry and technology leaders like MDI Novare in redefining the landscape of thrift banking. With digitalization at the forefront, thrift banks are better equipped than ever to steer economic recovery and pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous future.

About MDI Novare
Founded in 1988, MDI Novare is a pioneer and champion in the Philippine ICT market. Over the past three decades, MDI Novare has driven digital transformation through custom application development, infrastructure, data analytics, and IT security solutions that meet and exceed business demands. Today, MDI Novare continues its culture of innovation by being at the forefront of major technology trends such as APIs, cloud computing, big data, AI, and automation as we strive to create a positive impact for our people, our clients, our partners, and our communities.

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