[TAGUIG CITY, 11 August 2023] – MDI Novare proudly announces its recent membership with the Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD) Inc., a well-known non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and advancing the expertise of Talent Development Practitioners across the country.

PSTD, founded in 1965, has been a pillar of support for professionals in the Talent Development field, offering a platform for learning, networking, and staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and practices. As a member of PSTD, MDI Novare gains access to a dynamic community of industry leaders, renowned experts, and fellow professionals who share a common goal of fostering excellence.

Learning and Growth at the Heart of Tech Innovations
“As the digital transformation partner of choice of the top companies in the country, we are committed to the continuous growth and innovation of our people,” said Ivan Garong, HR Director for Talent Retention. “This move aligns seamlessly with our mission and vision, providing us with an exceptional avenue to enhance our knowledge, collaborate with industry peers, and contribute to the evolution of the field,” he added.

PSTD’s extensive range of activities, including monthly learning sessions, seminars, workshops, and conferences, complements MDI Novare’s drive for excellence. This collaboration opens doors to new insights, best practices, and a broader network of professionals dedicated to shaping the future of Talent Development in the Philippines.

With this partnership, MDI Novare is poised to drive innovation and elevate the standard of talent development practices, especially in the ever-changing field of Information and Communications Technology in the country, and beyond. By harnessing the opportunities that go with this membership, MDI Novare intends to make lasting contributions to the field of Human Resource Learning and Organizational Development.

About the Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD) Inc.
The Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD) Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1965 to serve the professional needs of Talent Development Practitioners in the Philippines. Through a diverse range of activities, including learning sessions, seminars, workshops, and conferences, PSTD fosters the growth and expertise of professionals in the field, contributing to the advancement of talent development practices. Learn more at https://pstd.org/.

About MDI Novare
Founded in 1988, MDI Novare is a pioneer and champion in the Philippine ICT market. Over the past three decades, MDI Novare has driven digital transformation through custom application development, infrastructure, data analytics, and IT security solutions that meet and exceed business demands. Today, MDI Novare continues its culture of innovation by being at the forefront of major technology trends such as APIs, cloud computing, big data, AI, and automation as we strive to create a positive impact for our people, our clients, our partners, and our communities.


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