[QUEZON CITY, 22 to 23 August 2023] – MDI Novare, in partnership with STTelemedia Global Data Centres – Philippines (STT), showcased its commitment to driving digital transformation in the Philippines at the recently concluded 2023 National ICT Summit. The event, organized by the CIO Forum and FIO Forum Foundation, took place on August 22 to 23 at Novotel Manila, Quezon City. With the theme “Building a Culture for Sustaining the Government’s Digital Transformation,” the summit brought together industry leaders, experts, and partners to discuss the critical aspects of fostering digital transformation within the government sector.

As a platinum sponsor of the event, MDI Novare and STT, demonstrated its unwavering support for advancing technological innovation in the public sector, highlighting the importance of robust infrastructure, application development, data analytics, IT security, and other digital solutions in catalyzing a future-ready Philippines.

The summit featured numerous discussions, presentations, and panel sessions aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in the digital transformation journey.

One of the highlights of the event was the participation of MDI Novare’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. William Yu. On the first day of the summit, Yu joined a fireside chat panel focusing on the significance of cultivating a digital transformation culture and ensuring organizational readiness. The discussion delved into achievements, challenges, and strategies for driving sustainable change. Alongside esteemed co-panelists, Yu shared insights derived from MDI Novare’s extensive experience in enabling digital transformation across various industries.

Yu identified three key elements for nurturing a digital transformation culture: Humble leadership and collaboration in a diverse stakeholder ecosystem; Strong foundational infrastructure with early cybersecurity and privacy considerations; and the significance of partnerships in achieving comprehensive transformation goals.

He also introduced the principle of “shifting left” to prioritize privacy and security. Yu concluded by highlighting the importance of celebrating small successes and fostering an agile mindset for sustained transformation.

The summit also featured a plenary presentation by STTelemedia Global Data Centres – Philippines CEO, Carlo Malana. 
He elaborated on the Philippines’ emergence as a data center hub and STT’s role in driving this growth. Carlo highlighted the importance of collaborative partnerships in advancing digital transformation efforts. He emphasized that while STTelemedia provides the physical space for data centers, partners like MDI Novare play a critical role in delivering solutions that accelerate digitalization.

“MDI Novare is going to be able to provide those full suite ICT services that are needed to transform the organizational processes, to create the organization’s architecture, to transform and create new applications for the citizens and the users and the customers to be able to use.”

“The future is ours in enabling our digital Philippines!” he added.

MDI Novare’s participation at the 2023 National ICT Summit reinforced its position as a champion in shaping the future of digital transformation in the Philippines. Through collaborative efforts with partners and thought leadership, MDI Novare continues to drive innovation and provide holistic solutions for organizations seeking to embark on a successful digital transformation journey.

Watch the 2023 NICT Summit highlights reel below!

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