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Our plans for investment and execution are managed by a team of internationally regarded experts, implementation specialists, and global technology partners.

With the proliferation of Agile in IT, traditional infrastructure simply can’t catch up. You need to deliver apps fast, revise them often, and retire them quickly. Infrastructure needs to be agile as well.

Moreover, buying today the storage and processing power that you will need for the next 5 years is expensive and unnecessary. You need to be able to start small and then scale at a pace that your business will dictate. You need a cloud strategy today.

With MDI’s deep roots in hardware, software, network, and security, MDI will help you transform your infrastructure into a modern, scalable, and secure cloud platform – on-premise, public, or hybrid.

What We Do

MDI provides the technology and services for your cloud:

  • Build, Operate, Transfer. We will design, configure, and deploy your cloud infrastructure according to your business objectives. Then we will enable you to run it independently or transition into a fully managed service.
  • Managed Cloud. Our ITIL-certified cloud operations team will manage your entire platform and processes. All you need to do is subscribe and focus on delivering your applications to your end users.
  • Private, Public, or Hybrid cloud. Cloud is a way of deploying infrastructure and is not limited to location. We support many types of clouds for various enterprise needs.

Why MDI?

We have designed, built, and run private and public clouds in multiple industries. We have certified specialists in VMWare, Red Hat, Google, Microsoft, and AWS who have honed their talents through our massive hybrid cloud installations. We know the ins and outs, the challenges and resolutions of building and maintaining a cloud infrastructure.

Data is the new oil, so analysts say. It can be used for good and bad. It can be wasted. But unlike oil that is depleted once used, data becomes more valuable as it is collected, transformed, used, and refined. Data-driven businesses have already been able to monetize their data by discovering trends, patterns, and behaviors invisible to the naked eye. They use these insights to better serve their loyal customers and tap new revenue streams.

If you are not capturing and converting data into valuable insights, you are ignoring an important and readily available resource.

MDI helps you to stay competitive by wielding the power of data. From capture, preparation, transformation, management, visualization, intelligence, and beyond — we have the technology and expertise to get you started.

What We Do

MDI provides the technology and services for all aspects of your big data project:

  • Big Data Posture Analysis. Take a look at what you have now and MDI will recommend the roadmap towards being a data-driven enterprise.
  • Data Ingestion, Quality and Governance. Beyond the world of extract, transform, load, MDI provides services that ensures that clean, reliable, and useful data is made available to your business, from different sources in different formats. We provide services to ensure compliance and enforce governance.
  • Data Visualization. Enable user-driven data discovery for you to derive insights from your data.
    Business Intelligence. Advanced analysis, predictions, and prescriptions. Monetize your data and watch your business grow.
  • Secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure. Host your big data platform in an environment where you can start small and grow as your business requires.

Big Data projects may be delivered via the build-operate-transfer model or as a managed service.

Why MDI?

We have a holistic approach to big data. Our knowledge is not limited by the technology available in the market. We ask business questions first, and then determine the solutions to make your objectives a reality. Based on our years of experience delivering complex big data projects, we can build and operate your entire data platform.

Monolithic legacy systems are out — they are slow, expensive, and not sustainable. Digital transformation is hinged on being able to adapt to the market quickly. When your users want fast and frequent application releases, you need to build your apps in smaller, more manageable, and integratable parts. That is where API and Microservices come in.

What We Do

MDI provides the technology and services for API and Microservices:

  • Integration Factory. A Scrum team will design and develop your API’s in small, manageable parts in the Agile DevOps way. The goal is to have faster and more frequent releases.
  • API and Microservices. APIs are the heart of any transformation that involves customer experience. Deploying quickly requires reusable infrastructure and APIs and microservices are a way to serve them.
  • Environment. MDI will design and configure the environment you need to support development, including the infrastructure and API gateways.

API and Microservices projects may be delivered via the build-operate-transfer model or as a managed service.

Why MDI?

We have released thousands of features for mobile and web applications, accessed by millions of our clients’ subscribers. We are able to repeat our success in developing API and Microservices based on the Agile software factory model.

With new digital platforms come new risks, so you have to be ready for malware, spearfishing, and other attacks. The threat landscape has widened, and the exploits have become bespoke. Cybercriminals are becoming more experienced, more able, more sophisticated. At the same time, tools are now made available to the non-technically literate to launch cyberattacks of their own. The typical one size fits all security infrastructure just doesn’t cut it anymore, not when threats are being developed specifically for your enterprise.

If you want your digital transformation to be sustainable, you have to embed security into your designs, infrastructure, apps, and processes.

What We Do

MDI provides the technology and services for all aspects of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy:

  • Security Infrastructure Deployment and Management. MDI customizes end-to-end protection for various information security domains across all layers — Data, Application, Host, Network, Perimeter. These are aligned with standard cybersecurity frameworks and industry best practices.
  • Security Operations Center as-a-Service/ Managed Detection and Response. MDI protects your systems 24/7. A team of security specialists will be ready to respond immediately to any intrusions detected by the system. These specialists also continuously maintain and enhance your enterprise’s information security posture.
  • Security Technology and Services for Data Privacy. Technology and Services mapping to help you to comply with Philippine’s Data Privacy Act

Why MDI?

MDI’s depth of knowledge in infrastructure and security is unparalleled in the industry. We have spent 30 years resolving IT threats with mature and specialized technologies to respond to security threats. Our organization has solid expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to handle a managed 24/7 security operation, leaving no room for cyberattacks to catch you unaware.

Put your focus back on strategic transformation projects, while making sure your business-as-usual IT operations continue to run smoothly and to provide support to your initiatives. MDI offers managed IT services in our key competencies — cloud, network, security, and devices.

MDI Managed Services professionals are trained to handle and execute day-to-day activities, monitor the performance of your platforms, handle incidents 24/7, and proactively maintain the health of your systems.

We manage incidents and service requests with respect to a service level agreement (SLA) to prevent disruption in service availability or quality.

What We Do

  • Managed Cloud. VM provisioning, load balancing, autoscaling, backups, disaster recovery, self-service enablement.
  • Managed Network. Commissioning, monitoring and simplifying the network environment specifically designed for a multi-branched approach.
  • Managed Security. Monitoring technologies and immediate response to security events.
  • Managed Desktop and Devices. Issuing, allocation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Why MDI?

We have formed a dedicated team to grow and perfect our managed services practice. Our resources are ITIL-certified and have more than 20 years of experience in managing operations of large enterprises with complex business processes. We have strong partnerships with top vendors like VMWare, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft, FireEye, Juniper, Dell, and HP, which help us facilitate quick and absolute resolutions to issues.

Breaking up your application scope into user stories. Releasing features frequently. Responding immediately to user feedback. In the hyperfast world of application development, there is just no room nor time for traditional scoping, designing, coding, testing, and going live. The cyclical Agile + DevOps model allows you to take software development beyond being an IT project – it’s a way of doing business.

Novare deploys self-organizing Agile + DevOps teams that are skilled in systems design, development, testing, deployment, and operations – acting like your very own software factory and guided by Agile methodology.

How it Works

  • Sprint Planning. At the start of the application development project, the team develops user stories – application functionalities as told from the perspective of a user. The list of features based on these stories will serve as the team’s product backlog – simply put, the list of things that need to be done.
  • Daily Scrum. A non-traditional approach to application development also means a change in the way project meetings are held. The team meets for about 15 minutes to create a game plan for the day. In these short and meaningful meetings, the team only intends to remove impediments in achieving their sprint goal.
  • Sprint Review/Retrospection. At the end of every sprint, which typically goes for 2 weeks, the team reviews with its stakeholders what went well, what went wrong, and what can be improved for the next sprint.
  • Continuous Integration. While multiple developers work on different features, code is routinely integrated into a main repository, where it is tested and integrated up to multiple times in a day.
  • Continuous Testing. Through automated testing, release candidates are tested early and often. Thee goal is to determine the impact of the changes in the code as fast as possible and whether the changes can be safely deployed into production.
  • Continuous Delivery. When the code is able to go through integration and testing, it is then automatically deployed into a staging environment. The team makes the decision to deploy the changes into production. Thus, a minimum viable product (MVP) is made available.

Why MDI Novare DevOps?

Rapid Development. Go to market with your minimum viable product – before your competitor does. With development governed by the agile methodology, we will be ready to deploy user features in weeks, not months or even years.

Start Small and Scale. Start with a team of 3 developers and grow depending on your development pipeline. Apply the Agile + DevOps model to a low-risk project first, and then work towards deploying multiple teams for more complex applications. We will be ready to scale according to your budget and requirements.

Fully Allocated Software Factory. Value customer collaboration over contract negotiation. With a fully allocated Novare DevOps team, you can prioritize apps and features that the market demands. Manage new features and change requests without having to wait for procurement approval each and every time.

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