[PASAY CITY, 31 January 2024] – In an unprecedented achievement, MDI Novare is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking win at the 59th Anvil Awards for its corporate brand campaign, “The Future Is Ours.” This momentous recognition marks a historic milestone for MDI Novare, as the company secures its first two Anvil Awards in over 35 years, a testament to the creativity, innovation, and impact of the campaign to the organization’s clients, partners, employees and community.

The Anvil Awards, renowned for acknowledging excellence in public relations and marketing, have recognized MDI Novare’s outstanding efforts in crafting and executing an impactful brand narrative. “The Future Is Ours” not only stood out for its creative brilliance but also for its ability to resonate with audiences, showcasing MDI Novare’s commitment to shaping a future marked by innovation and progress.

“We are absolutely honored to receive our first two Anvils for ‘The Future Is Ours.’ This recognition is a testament to the dedication and creativity of our team at MDI Novare. This win symbolizes our commitment to innovation, excellence, and a future where possibilities are limitless. Winning the Anvil Award is not just an acknowledgment of our past efforts but a catalyst for future achievements as we lead digital transformation for the Philippines and beyond.”, says Pearl Sy, Head of Communications & Marketing at MDI Novare.

As MDI Novare celebrates this historic win, the company remains focused on its commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping a future where innovation and progress thrive. The Anvil Award for “The Future Is Ours” serves as a launchpad for MDI Novare’s continued endeavors to redefine corporate branding and make a lasting impact on the industry.


About MDI Novare
Founded in 1988, MDI Novare is a pioneer and champion in the Philippine ICT market. Over the past three decades, MDI Novare has driven digital transformation through custom application development, infrastructure, data analytics, and IT security solutions that meet and exceed business demands. Today, MDI Novare continues its culture of innovation by being at the forefront of major technology trends such as APIs, cloud computing, big data, AI, and automation as we strive to create a positive impact for our people, our clients, our partners, and our communities.


About Anvil Awards
Presented annually by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), the Anvil Awards is a symbol of excellence in public relations and communications. For 59 years, the prestigious “Anvil” has been awarded to the most outstanding public relations programs and tools meticulously screened and judged by senior PR professionals and a distinguished multi-sectoral jury.


Media Contact
Pearl Sy
Head of Communications & Marketing