As a company that has championed Filipino tech talent for over 30 years, we are excited to be invited by The University of Sto Tomas College of Information and Computing Science (UST CICS) for a two-day event last May 3-4, 2023. The event is themed as “Rebuilding the Value of Computing Generation X3: Explore Experience Explode!” and aimed to give 3rd and 4th year CICS students an insight into the industry, what it’s like to work in the field, and connect with potential employers for internships and work experience.

The first day of the event started with a plenary talk held at the University of Santo Tomas campus, where MDI Novare, along with other industry partners including Accenture, Tera systems, Asian Institute of Management, Stacktrek, Seven Seven Global Services, Thirdera, Aquient, Ideamia, Emerson, Exist Software, gave students a sneak peek about their respective organizations.

MDI Novare’s company presentation was delivered by UST alumnus Melvin Lopez, Director of Operations at MDI Novare, and showcased the company’s vision, values and opportunities available for aspiring professionals in the field of information technology. Melvin shared his insights and experiences with the students by emphasizing the importance of gaining practical experience and getting into

 training to build confidence in starting a career in the industry and be exposed to real life project experiences.

Another opportunity for the students to get to know life in the industry was through a casual talk show where MDI Novare’s Chief Talent Builder, Mai de Guzman, engaged with the students and answered their questions about the skills and qualities companies look for in new graduates. The talk show also provided an opportunity for the students to hear from Mai about how MDI Novare managed to stay agile throughout the pandemic and how we supported our people despite the challenges.

After the company presentations and talk show, the students had the opportunity to visit MDI Novare company booth. They were able to engage with our HR and Recruitment contingent to inquire more details about MDI Novare, our business and most importantly, the job opportunities available for fresh graduates like most of them. The centerpiece of course of our Fresh Graduate hiring (CL1 Hiring) is our Boot Camp program – which gained a lot of interest from many graduating students. They saw the program as a launch pad for their young career that will enable them to learn rapidly and gain experience while they earn an above-market salary.

We are excited to welcome the next breed of game-changing talent to MDI Novare!