MDI Novare recently held its Top Talent Kick-Off at the 16F of the MDI Corporate Center last Wednesday, May 10, recognizing hyper-performing and high-potential employees of MDI Novare. The event was attended by key executives and select employees from different levels, representing the company’s best and brightest.

During the event, inspirational messages were delivered by William Yu, Chief Technology Officer and Myla Villanueva, Founder and Chairman where William emphasized that talent and opportunity are what make a top talent, and MDI Novare provides both. Myla then shared her vision for MDI to be the Philippine counterpart of Infosys, Tata Consulting, and Accenture.

The highlight of the event was the panel discussion with our Execom Leaders Topher Cometa (Chief Projects Officer), Allan So, (Chief Commercial Officer), Peter Laud, (Chief Revenue Officer), and William Yu, (Chief Technology Officer). The panelists’ advice provided the attendees with valuable insights on how they can maximize their potential as top talents in the company.

The Top Talent program is MDI Novare’s way of recognizing that indeed tech talents are essential to the company’s growth.

Watch clips of the #TopTalent2023 video on Facebook and LinkedIn to witness the exceptional work of MDI Novare’s game-changing talent and discover why #TheFutureIsOurs!

Top Talent 2023 Video on YouTube: Watch here